Other Applications

If your institution is looking to make changes in objectives, ownership, location, there are certain steps you will need to take to either notify or obtain approval from the Bureau.
SchoolBuilderPlus can advise you in these areas, and prepare your application.


Substantive changes still require an application to the BPPE. Reasons include the following:

  • Change of location of less than 10 miles
  • Addition of a program related to the approved programs offered by the institution
  • Addition of a new branch 5 miles or less from the main or branch campus
  • Addition of a satellite
  • Change of mailing address

for renewal

Don't let your approval expire: Late Applications for Renewal receive a 35% penalty fee.


Substantive changes include the following:

  • Change of location of 10 miles or more
  • Addition of separate branch over 5 miles from the main or branch campus
  • Significant change in method of instructional delivery
  • Change of the institution’s name
  • Change of ownership, control, or business organization form
  • Change in educational objectives
  • Additions of programs unrelated to currently approved and offered programs