Have you received a Notice of Deficiency, or
Notice to Comply?

In responding to Deficiencies or Notices to Comply, it is in your institution's best interest to take swift corrective action, or run the risk of being further cited, or worse, commanded to shut down. We can explain the nature of the deficiencies you've received, help you correct the errors, and draft clear documentation of the corrections to submit to the BPPE.

Was your School Denied? 

If you attempted to prepare your application on your own or with another consulting group and received a Denial, all is not necessarily lost. Our past petitions to overturn Denials have been met with success.

While we cannot guarantee the decisions and actions of the Bureau, we can guarantee that the process is easier with us than without us. Call us today to see how we can help.

Audits & Site Visits:
Are You Prepared?


Institutions are issued an approval for five years, but while schools receive a full approval, the Compliance and Enforcement Section of the BPPE will visit to review and assess your operations & procedures for compliance. This is called a Site Visit.

An Announced Site Visit is preceded by a Desk Audit: a packet from the BPPE of documents, including checklists, is sent to the institution, which then has 30 days to complete and return the packet. This includes written policies and procedures statements, enrollment agreement and catalog review. This prepares the school for the Site Visit which is to follow. 


SchoolBuilderPlus can be onsite to guide you through a Desk Audit or Announced Site Visit. 



Until recently, the BPPE was required to notify school's of their intention to perform a Site Visit, except in situations where immediate Bureau investigation was warranted. As of April 2017, that requirement was lifted, and the BPPE can elect to perform an Unannounced Site Visit on any institution at any time.

An Announced Site Visit preceded by a Desk Audit is time-consuming and stressful. An Unannounced Site Visit can bring your operations to a swift halt, especially for institutions operating with a lean administrative staff. 


After an Unannounced Site Visit, SchoolBuilderPlus can come out onsite to help you take action on your next steps to get compliant and satisfy the BPPE.