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AB Trucking
Academy of Dental Assisting
Academy of Dental Jobs
Academy of Salon Profs San Jose
Academy of Salon Profs. LA
A-Caliber Trucking School
ACI Institute, Alhambra
ACI Institute, Arcadia
ACI Institute, Diamond Bar
ACI Institute, Hacienda Heights
Advance English Academy  SF
Adams Dental Academy
Allied Health Professionals
American Health Care
American Institute of Reflexology
American Purlington Institute
American Purlington University
American School of Healthcare Professionals
AmfaSoft, Fremont
AmfaSoft, San Jose
AmfaSoft, San Mateo
AMI Learning Center
Andrew Health Institute
Angeles College of Nursing
Animation Mentor
Arana Technical College
Automotive Training Center
Baldwyn University
Bay Tech Career College
Bay Tech College
Beauty Creator
Berkeley Film Institute
Bernadean University (Database)
Bernadean University
Bridge University SD
Brown Western University
Business Communications Institute
C and S Health Education
California Academy of Billing Specialists
California Central University
California Coast Language Academy
California Dental Academy
California Dental Careers
California Medical College
California Univ. of Protection and Intel. Mgt.
California University of Technology
Cambria English Institute, Los Angeles
Cambridge Mgt. Institute
Cambridge National University
Center of English Language, Dallas
Center of English Language, Houston
Central California University
Central Valley Trucking
Central Valley  Dental Academy
Chong Shin Language Institute
City of Los Angeles, HACLA
College of English Language, Los Angeles
College of Environmental Technology
Communications Technicians
Calaveras College
CompuTrain LLC
Concord English Academy (License)
Concord English Academy, LA
Corona Nursing Academy
Cosmetology Academy of Beauty
CUPIM – Registered Programs
Custom Training Solutions
Dahn Healing Institute
DelSol Academy of Interpretation, Inc. (Database)
Dental Assisting - Riverside
Dental Assisting Diamond Bar
Dental Institute SC
Diamond Bar DC
Doca Dental Academy
Drexel University
Dynasty Trucking School
Educational Training Center
Eisner Institute
Electronic Training Services
English Language College, San Diego
EVAG Hair Academy
Evergreen Dental Academy
Fast Response
French Fashion Academy
Future Net (Database)
Galaxy Medical College – Licensed
Galaxy Medical College – Registered
GEOS English Academy, Costa Mesa
GEOS English Academy, San Francisco
GEOS English Academy, Seattle
GEOS English Academy, Torrance
GEOS English Institute, Boston
GEOS English Institute, Honolulu
GEOS English Institute, New York
Gurnik Academy of Medical Arts
Hacienda Heights School, Hacienda Heights
Harbor Trucking Driving School
Health Quest Academy
Hired Power Inc.
Hollywood Vocational School, Hollywood
Holmes School of Hypnotherapy
Huntington College, Los Angeles
Hypnosis Career College
IIPEP, San Jose
Int. Institute of Prof. Executive Protection
International College, Los Angeles
International Computer College
International School of Motion Pictures
ITech Career Paths
Ivy University, Alhambra
Ivy University, Cerritos
KC Academy I-17 Petition
Kirby Dental Assisting School
LA Institute of Architecture & Design
Language Instruction Centrum
Lead 2 and Associates
Let Me Certify "U"
Likie Fashion and Technology College
Lincoln Trucking School
Lion Heart Institute
Los Angeles Golf College

Pro Lingua
QA Academy
Quality College, Fresno (Database)
Quality Instructional Technology, Petaluma
Railroad Training Services
Redlands Automotive Diagnostics
Reverse Speech
Riverside Dental Academy
Rosemead College of English Accreditation
Rosemead College of English, License
Rosemead College of English, Registration
Roseville Dental Academy
Route 66 Makeup Studio
Rowland Heights School
Royal Touch Massage School
San Francisco Baking Institute
San Jose Computer Academy
San Jose Trucking School
Santa Clarita DA
Senel Business Schools
Shepherd Technical Training School
Sherman School, Alhambra - Main Location
Sherman School, Alhambra - Site 1
Sherman School, Alhambra - Site 2
Software Learning Center, Pomona
Solana Beach Dental Institute
South Coast Dental Academy
T. T. L. College, San Jose
T.D. College
Technical Training Institute
The Spot, Watsonville
The University of Medical Hypnosis
Truck Driving School
United Medical Institute, Sacramento
Universal Training Institute
University of Central California
University of Llano
University of Natural Health
University of Riverside
University Project - Fresno
University Project - Riverside
US Bakersfield Truck Driving School
Valley College of Allied Health
Valley College of Modesto
Vista IT Tech
Wag My Tail Inc.
Warschaw Learning Institute
Weathington Loan Broker Academy
West Haven University, Cypress (BSN)
West Haven University College of Law
Workers' Comp. Fund Administrators
Lakeside Dental Assisting Academy
Fremont Smile
Pacific Dental Institute
Los Angeles Dental Academy
United Dental Academy
Star Dental Academy
Pearl Dental Academy
Link 2 Life
Golden Century Massage
Acupuncture University HMU
Humanities University
United School of America
San Diego DTA
Nine Star University
Takshila University
University of Herbal Medicine
Guard Training Institute
City Medical Training Center
Corona Careers Academy
Academy of Beauty
Capitol College
Pacific University
Kimbleton University
Chino Valley DI
DK University
Chino Careers Academy
Ventura County Dental Assisting School
Creative Career Options        
Oxford Medical Institute
Bakersfield Spa Institute  
DC Institute
Capitol College
Holistic Life Institute
California American University
Guard Training Center
Mentor Apprentice School of the Arts
Pacifica College
Regan Career Institute
VATEL University
ZMS Academy
North County Dental Institute
San Francisco English Institute
Bakersfield Spa
Capitol College
Meridian Institute
El Monte Truck Driving School
DOABA Trucking School
Montebello Beauty College
American Medical Careers
Calaveras College
Katie Skills Center        
Intertec Institute
Golden Crescent      
Hollywood Cultural Center
Safeway Trucking
Griffin Institute
University of Science & Technology
American Science University
The Language Institute
Los Angeles Institute of Architecture and Design
Los Angeles Music Academy, Pasadena
Lotus School, Oakland
Magic Hand Dental Academy
McClane Family Dentistry Web Site
Mentor Language Institute Database
Mid California Trucking School
Mid-Valley Truck Driving School
Montecito Fine Arts College of Design
Mortgage Assistance Network
Neuro Cognitive Institute
New Bridge International College
North West College
Nurses Development Center (Licensed)
Nurses Development Center (Registered)
OC Dental Academy
Omega Career College
Orion U
Oxford Institute
Pacific Rim Language Institute
Pasadena International Music Academy
Presbyterian School