We work with school owners to help them prepare for the proper filing of an I-17 Petition.



Filing an I-17 Petition is a detailed and at times arduous process. Due to the in-depth nature of the approval process, it is in the institution's best interest to be at the helm of this application, rather than engage a consultant to complete the petition for them.

However, we have developed an affordable guidebook for the Designated School Official (DSO) which explains the process in detail, provides an overarching sketch of what to expect and how to prepare, and sets forth best practices in the establishment of your documents archive, including student files, instructor files, curricular materials and financial documents, and other key documents that must be kept and maintained by the institution. In addition, the duties and responsibilities of the DSO are addressed.

The documentation requirements are clearly explained for a variety of types of schools, both accredited and non-accredited vocational schools, colleges, universities and language schools. Frequent references are made to the Code of Federal Regulations so that as you proceed you may verify the information set forth in the workbook.

Please contact us for more information regarding the advantages of a well-planned and researched approach to this type of project.